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William Cumpiano: luthier, author, researcher, lecturer, teacher

I've been fascinated by all the subjects that are even tangentially related to guitars and guitarmaking. Over the last 40+ years— besides refining my skills as a maker—I have been assiduosly researching string instrument—and instrument-making— history; acoustics; wood, adhesive and abrasive technology; world instruments and music. I've developed a very particular take on the musical instrument-maker's universe, reflected in the books and articles published over the years. Here's a selection of a few:

GUITARMAKING: Tradition & Technology has become the standard textbook in the guitarmaking field. It was written by myself and Jon Natelson in 1985, with a re-write in the works!

An anthology of articles & transcriptions by William Cumpiano on guitars and guitar making subjects—both published and unpublished.

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