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The authors as they appeared in 1984 on the dust jacket of the original hardcover editions of GT&T. 

Guitarmaking: Tradition & Technology

A Complete Reference for the Design & Construction of the Steel-String Folk Guitar and the Classical Guitar


William R. Cumpiano and Jonathan Natelson

Paperback edition, 383 pp., published by Chronicle Books, San Francisco

Jon Natelson and I first produced GT&T—the first comprehensive guitar-making manual in print—two and a half decades ago. It has since become the standard world reference for our industry. The book has been in continuous print now for almost thirty years and sold over 80,000 copies.

Praised by C.F. Martin IV as "the bible of the craft," GT&T has found its way into the bookshelves of guitar- and guitar-making enthusiasts all around the world and kick-started the careers of dozens of aspiring guitarmaking artisans. Indeed, we received notice that GT&T has been used as a basic reference for guitar-making factories in Vietnam, Japan and China for years!


Written and first published in hardcover by Rosewood Press in 1984, has sold out multiple editions. In 2015 and 2016 it will be undergoing a complete makeover, including an updating of tools, procedures, technology and references. In the meantime, many of the updates that will find their way into the new edition can be found immediately below, clicking on the link, "GT&T updates, clarification & commentary."

Dust jacket of the original
Rosewood Press hardcover
edition of GT&T

If you already own a copy of GT&T, and intend to make your first guitar with it, I highly recommend you review this list of updates, corrections and recommendations!

"...perhaps the finest book on making guitars ever produced."
Guitar Player magazine

" unparalleled treasure"
Fine Woodworking magazine

"...finding your book while killing time in a bookstore back in 1992 completely redirected my life. I fell totally in love with this craft and made it my full time profession in 1999. Thanks so much for that."

Ross Gutmeier

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