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There are several ways you can acquire a Cumpiano guitar...

"WRC 216 is a formidable part of my life and has changed what I hear in the sound of guitar. Nearly every day I repeat the thought that a great coincidence brought me to your shop and what followed continues to distract me from much of life's comings and goings. The guitar has survived the cycle of the seasons and a few thousand miles of travel as well as some indiscriminate scratches and smears. Along the way there have been many admirers of the sound and handling. It's all you. I'm glad we met. Thanks again.     Dave Hoke, 2018

Pepe Losada traveled all the way from Spain to pick up his custom Thai Rosewood cutaway classic that William built for him in 2006.

You can commission a guitar made to your order

If you don't see an instrument in the three following categories that suits you, you can have William make one specifically to your liking. The commission process is thorough and you should expect six to twelve months for your turn to come up on William's work schedule. Yet over four decades William has successfully delivered over two hundred individually custom-made instruments to both amateur and expert players from Europe, Asia and the United States.





View William's commission terms and conditions .

Waiting time:
6 to 12 months

Select among one of William's completed, in-the-white guitars

A portion of William's time is dedicated to teaching his craft. Since his teaching technique is to actually build an instrument as a guide for his learners to follow, William maintaings an inventory of completed, but unfinished, guitars of the highest quality. After a buyer selects one, it can then be finished and delivered— at a sizeable savings of cost (almost half) and waiting time (two months on the average) of a custom-made instrument.


Waiting time:
2 months

View William's currents stock of steel string "in-the white" guitars 

View William's currents stock of classical "in-the white" guitars 

Find out how to purchase an "in-the white" guitar 

Finished instruments on hand

For all the instruments that William makes—be they commissions or instruments made while teaching, he does not regularly stock an inventory of finished, off-the shelf instruments.


That is not to say that one or more non-commissioned personal guitars may not become available from time to time. These often are instruments William made for a past museum exhibit or show, a canceled commisssion or to follow a personal quest. 

Waiting time:
2-3 weeks 

View William's current stock of non-commissioned, personal, 
ready-for sale instruments 

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