In-the-white Cumpiano classic guitars in current inventory

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I'm still photographing the classic/Spanish in-the-white guitars in inventory in my shop. I'll be uploading their images as soon as I do! Meanwhile, please view the ones I've placed here so far. 

Some more-recently added classical guitars can be also viewed in a slide show here.

Chicago classical recitalist Jeff Kust came to my shop and selected this rare Sycamore in-the-white, loved it and bought it. Listen to a subsequent recording he made with it.

Classical Gas - Jeff Kust
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wrc 267
Honduras mahogany classic
plus case and shipping 

The great, late, classic luthier Manuel Velázquez, my mentor, the greatest maker that ever lived, once confided to me that his personal favorite tonewood for soundboxes was Honduras mahogany—for its warmth and musicality, 
he said,. But he lamented that too many of his customers insisted that rosewood was best—their choice weighted undoubtedly by rosewood's higher cost and rarity. Otherwise, he said, he would be building mahogany guitars exclusively. This mahogany classic guitar is evidence that mahogany's lower material cost should not relegate it to a lower grade than those made of rosewood. What it does, is make this instrument an excellent value for the money!

Select Honduras mahogany

Select Honduras mahogany

Pacific redcedar from hand-split billets

Select Honduras mahogany

East Indian Rosewood

bwb-bwb fiber purfling lines

bwbw fiber purfling lines

Brazilian rosewood

German Schaller gold tuners w

ebony knobs 

Select Honduras mahogany

Mosaic marquetry

Select Honduras mahogany


51 mm

2-1/4 in

57 mm.

645 mm

3-3/4 in.

95 mm

14 1/2 in.

368 mm


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East Indian rosewood classic guitar


wrc 223 Brazilian rosewood classic