In-the-white Cumpiano guitars are completed guitars which are available for puchase and delivery upon finishing and stringing. Since they were already made by me during one of my teaching tutorials—which don't include finishing—I can make them available at a fraction of the cost and at a fraction of the time as a similar commissioned instrument.


You can visit my shop with an appointment, and I'll set a number of these guitars apart for you to chose from. Or, as many buyers have done in the past, you can simply select and purchase an in-the-white from one of the online galleries on this site. You can, rely on my 45-year reputation that you will be impressed with your choice! The galleries are reasonably current, yet if you wish to purchase one, first check with me to confirm a particular instrument's availability.


 Upon your selection, I'll send you a sales agreement/invoice—detailing the transaction and refund terms—for you to sign and return along with a $1000 deposit. Upon receipt, the instrument is taken off the market.


As soon as I've applied the finish, let it cure, polished and made the instrument ready for delivery (usually within 8-10 weeks) I will request the balance, plus shipping, handling and insurance costs. Upon receipt, I will ship the instrument to you.


After you receive the guitar, you have 10 days to return it for any good cause, and request a refund of its cost. I will refund you the cost of the instrument upon receiving the instrument back in saleable condition.


In 45 years, I have not once been asked for such a refund—save for one time when the shipper damaged the instrument! 

Purchasing a Cumpiano "in-the-white"...

This Cocobolo rosewood Spanish/Classic guitar was part of my in-the-white inventory until it was selected, purchased, finished and delivered to its customer.